Job Seekers

Private School Placement

We have been placing teachers and support staff for some of the most prestigious private schools in New York City for over 14 years.  If you are interested in teaching, as a sub or full time, as well as seeking employment in school administration, such as alumni affairs, development, we could assist you in your career search.

Business opportunities

We understand the challenges faced today by job seekers and will make every attempt to make your job search as positive as possible.  We do this by understanding the needs of our clients, and by clearly discussing the open position with you and the mission of the school.  If you interview with the school, you will be very well prepared.

Having placed management and support positions at various nonprofit organizations and general business environments, we attempt to match your interest and skill set with those of our clients.  Our goal is to make your job search as quick and as seamless as possible.

Non profit

General business

Support positions